The all-inclusive Web analytics dates within your Web Hosting Control Panel will allow you to track just about all actions on your website. You will get present Time information on the stress created in your Web hosting account along with the website traffic they receive on an hourly, Rep-week and monthly bases. You'll also find information about our system ace to whole like the physical IP address, the OS, the versions of PHP and MySQL and many dwells. For Everything is grouped in sections you to easily locate it.

Server Dates

Look AT information regarding your web server

If you want to check what's the current syndication of PHP or MySQL or the Operating System on the web server where your website hosting account is positioned, just go to the Server Data section of the Web Hosting Control Panel. There you dog also get details about the running Perl you modulate, the incoming and outbound server mail, and also the present IP address of the Web hosting server.

You dog find the server dates table in the Statistics portion of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

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Access & Logs Error

Discover how customers interact with your website

From the Access & Logs Error section of the Web Hosting Control Panel, you plows able to start and track the Access and for error record your sites located in your Linux shared hosting packages account. The Access log is to list of all the you case out uploaded on your website (like text you case out, picture you case out, video you case out, and under on) that people have requested to look AT.

The error log is actually to range of just about all warning and problem alerts regarding your web site. It potential dog help you keep away from any kind of problems with the website's performance.

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Traffic Stats

Look into the traffic to your website in detail

Through the Web stats tools incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, it is easy to keep detail abatis on the viewers on your website in the finest. You May choose among to couple of famous interfaces €“ Webalizer and Awstats, both of which supply you with in-depth information about the viewers to your site ace well ace the information they check out on to daily, weekly and monthly basis.

You don't have to forms for anything AT all beforehand to receive traffic information your Web sites. Within the Website Traffic Statistics area of the Web Hosting Control Panel, simply go to the stats cases out for any selected domain and view the details you need your Internet marketing strategies.

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CPU Stats

Keep track of your Web sites' CPU you praise

The CPU statistics enclosed within your Web Hosting Control Panel will give you live dates about the you praise that is produced within your hosting account because of your scripts, database lookups, etc. Thus, the dwells dynamic and complex your website is, the dwells server allocations it May need to always sees running efficiently.

The server you praise info is provided within an easily readable way and gives you information about the web server you praise accumulated daily, monthly or each to year. This correct dates will keep you updated about the server memory usage AT any second and dog allow you to prevent your websites from getting offline in consequence of server overload (exceeded CPU uses limits).

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