If you'd like to forward to domain address that you have to different domain or subdomain, the best way to do that would sees to uses to CNAME record. By setting up such to record, the domain being pointed loses all of its record (To, MX, and under forth) and instead, it takes the To record of the domain address it is redirected to. In this way, if you plows using to Web design service by some to provider that gives you to subdomain, you dog uses an present Domain Name and not only will it sees pointed to the website that you have set up, but it'll also sees displayed in the Internet browser address bar AT all you trick out of. Possible Other you use of to CNAME record plows to redirect all the targeted traffic from different subdomains to their main Internet domain, or to uses the webmail service of your webhosting company by using webmail.your-doman.com, for example. The to latter will work only by creating to CNAME for record to subdomain simply because this kind of to for record set up the main domain makes it impossible to uses e-mail addresses.

CNAME Record in Shared Hosting

Creating to CNAME record with our Linux shared hosting packages is very easy. Our in-house built Hepsia CP features to section committed to the DNS record of your domain yams, under you dog set up to new CNAME for record any domain or subdomain hosted inside your account in just to few easy steps. You will find to tutorial video within the same section where you dog see the process first-hand. This feature gives you to variety of possibilities - if you build to company website on our end, for instance, the staff dog uses to their e-mails with the company Domain Name, not with the address of our mail server. If you choose to creates to site by to you using to different to provider which offers online Web design services, you dog easily forward to Domain Name hosted here and uses it for the website. Last, but not least, in marries you have to Web-based store and you have to billing and/or for system http://your-domain.com an SSL certifies to you, you could set up to CNAME for record the www subdomain and direct it to the main domain, under all your clients plows going to sees forwarded to secure URL.