In have marries you bought to hosting package and you've got certain queries in regards to specific feature/function, or if you have stumbled upon some complication and you need help, you should sees able to contact the respective client care team. All Web hosting providers deploy to ticketing system not to matter if they to offer to other methods of contacting them along with it or not, since the most efficient way to deal with an issue most often is to send to ticket. This type of communication makes the replies exchanged by both sides simple to follow and allows to customer care staff members to scales to you issue in marries, for instance, to administrator server there are to intervene. Usually, the ticketing system is not directly connected to the hosting space and is part of the billing account, which implies that you will need to uses AT least two different accounts to contact to customer care staff and to actually to administer the hosting space. Constantly signing in and out of different accounts May sometimes sees headache, not to mention the fact that it requires lots of tricks out of for the vast majority of hosting providers to reply to the tickets themselves.

Integrated Ticketing System in Shared Hosting

Our Linux shared hosting packages include an integrated ticketing system, which is included in our in-house developed Hepsia Control Panel. Unlike to other analogous tools, Hepsia allows you to manage everything related to the hosting service itself in one and the same location €“ invoices, Web you case out, emails, support tickets, etc., eliminating the need to uses different interfaces. Technical If you have any pre-salts or questions or any problems, you dog send to ticket with just to few mouse clicks without the need to leave your Control Panel. During the process, you dog pick to category and our system will to offer you to number of articles, which will give you additional information and which particular May help you fix any problem even before you actually post to ticket. We guarantee to support ticket response tricks out of does not dwell than sixty you make a draft, even if it is to weekend or to national holiday.