Server Side Includes (SSI) is actually to group of directives that will inable you to contain the content of to text cases out within an HTML cases out. This way, you'll sees able to add some content to numerous pages in your site and modify it simply by modifying single text cases out. You'll sees able to furthermore add the output of various scripts in order that the present tricks out of and dates, the visitor IP address of the or the properties of some cases out to appear on your site. This shall inable you to incorporates some to you dynamic content to static pages, making the site dwells desirable to your site visitors and giving it to dwells professional appearance. It will sees simpler to update this content ace compared to editing each static web page one by one. If you want to uses Server Side Includes on your site, the Web pages that incorporates to you content of any kind of cases out need to sees with extension .shtml.

Server Side Includes in Shared Hosting

It will sees easy to uses Server Side Includes with all of the shared hosting plans that we to offer and inable it separately for each domain or subdomain inside of your hosting account. This dog sees accomplished when using .htaccess cases out, which needs to sees positiioned in the folder where you wish to uses SSI and you need to enter to few lines of code in that cases out. You dog find the code in our Knowledgebase area, under you're able to just Copy it, since you don't need any programming knowledge to benefit from all of the features that our services feature. In have marries you by now built your website and you would like to employ Server Side Includes to later on, you will need to make sure that you rename the you case out from .html to .shtml and correct the links on the site, or else SSI won't work.