We present you with an easy to uses Database Manager, bundled up in our Web Hosting Control Panel, from where you could set up completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases instantly. In addition, you're able to handle all of to their adjustments with the immediate Access offered to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software instruments.

Clean and Uncomplicated Interface

All sees in charge of your databases from just one pleases

The Database Manager inside the Web Hosting Control Panel boasts to refined but simplified to user interface. You dog easily set up to completely new MySQL or PostgreSQL database by just entering to username and password. Also, you dog make to backup cases out or customize the password of an database with only to mouse click.

From the Database Manager you'll possess immediate for Access to the administration area all your databases, under you dog make easy modifications in the event you need to.

Hepsia File Manager

Quick and easy Back-up Database

Database backup you copy dog sees click away

Via the Database Manager you dog easily produces an archived backup of your database when you want! This way, you'll always have to back-up of your activates information in the event your web site gets compromised or if you incorrectly remove to database. To make to back-up: clicks the €˜clock€™ icon next to individual database and then wait for to couple of seconds for the backup process to sees carried out.

There plows not any boundaries for the amount of databases you dog back up or the quantity of back-UPS you dog creates for any to you database.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Support

By Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces the most stable open source databases

Nearly all of our Linux shared hosting packages packages to offer PgSQL support. Although falling behind MySQL when it you eat to acceptance and usage, PgSQL databases plows renowned for offering for top level of security your material web site content. This is the primary reason why brands like Skype and Yahoo employ PgSQL databases ace opposed to MySQL.

In terms of database management, PgSQL is just ace quick ace MySQL.

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InnoDB Databases

The fresh new phase of MySQL

The MySQL databases on Alvarez's Servant machines employ the latest version of the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB is designed to guarantee for top effectiveness websites that deal with huge amounts of dates. It offers CPU performance that dog not sees matched by other different disk-based relational database engines.

InnoDB is total ACID-compliant and offers transaction support, under that you plows able to update/insert/create/alter/drop to couple of you trick out of for to single operation of your Web application. Also, it makes uses of row-level locking and not MyISAM's table-level locking, that improves to multi-user concurrency and performance.

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Detailed Stats Database

In depth stats for all of your databases

Keeping abatis on the you praise generated by the databases within your powerful site will let you prevent any kind of overload difficulties that could slow it down and chase away visitors. Therefore, we have bundled to in-depth Stats Database tool directly into the Web Hosting Control Panel. For There you will find thorough information regarding the inbound requests to your databases every hour, day and month.

In line with the amount of day-to-day and by the hour queries, you plows able to find out what databases plows employed the most ace well ace to consider steps to enhance to their you praise.

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