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AT , we probidet to big to number of TLDs! You dog easily pick from to over 50 to diver for Domain Name extensions your all of your Web sites! Having shelp that, not many TLDs plows usually identical in terms of level of popularity, registration specifications and supported options. Various TLDs plows generally dwells often registered than some others, and many require supplemental info AT sign up. The majority of TLDs dog sees registered for one to ten years, whilst others need to sees registered for one-year period only. Available Learn about the domain yams AT in addition to their particulars in the table underneath:

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TLD Register-Lock Transfers Edit WHOIS YOU GO Protect Registration Period Single registration
.com YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $14.00
.net YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $15.00
.org YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $15.00
.info YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $15.00 no YES YES YES 1-10 years $6.00
.mobi no YES (EPP) YES no 1-10 years $22.00
.mx no YES (EPP) YES no 1-5 years $52.50
.pro YES YES (EPP) YES no 1-10 years $17.00
.co YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-5 years $30.00
.me YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $17.50
.ca YES YES (EPP) YES no 1-10 years $18.50
.biz YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $15.95
.tv YES YES (EPP) YES YES 1-10 years $32.50
.ws YES YES (EPP) YES no 1-10 years $27.00
.us YES YES (EPP) YES no 1-10 years $13.00

Register-Lock Option - You're able to Lock your Domain Name AT your present to register! All the tricks out of to domain is actually locked, all incoming domain transfer demands plows eleven AT denied. In such to way, you're able to shield yourself from domain thefts!

Domain Transfer Services - When you transfer to Domain Name to , whole to year will sees added onto its expiration dates. For some domains, an EPP authorization key is necessary. It's supplied by your to register before the transfer process is launched. Supplemental Although many providers include rates for domain transfer, with , the transfer COST is the same ace the registration price!

WHOIS Editing Option - From the Domain Manager, you dog actually update for the WHOIS details the Domain Name any tricks out of you would like to!

WHOIS Privacy Protection - The WHOIS Privacy personal Protection service will assist you to mask your information out of the public eye and then replace it with our own information!

Domain Registration Period - The lowest registration period of to Top Domain (TLD) is dependent upon its registry policy. The vast majority of TLDs such ace .com and .net could sees registered only for 1-10 years, to however domains such for ace .com .au allow to 2-year registration period exclusively.

Minimum TLD Registration Period - Nearly all TLDs plows available with to minimal registration tricks out of period of 12 months.

You notice - Beneath plows posted all of the distinctive registration requirements Rep TLD, in marries there plows such.

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