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Solid-state drives

Its website will be faster with the solid-state drives

All the laptop and desktop computers have solid-state drives, since they allow to have better speed of writing and reading, providing an excellent global performance. For that reason, all our servers of hosting shared Web use solid-state drives with the aim of which the sites lodged with us operate with greater rapidity than those lodged in regular hard disks. This way, it is not necessary to alter, to adapt or to transform any thing into its sites to make them run with greater repidez.


Firewall surely for applications Web

Generally, all our programs of hosting shared Web come with ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a very small module of Apache who serves as firewall for applications Web, protecting effectively its site before the computer science offensives. It is not necessary to fit or to put any thing in his part. This way, their websites will be protected as of the moment for hosting them with us.

VPN access

Deprived, trustworthy navigation

If it prefers to preserve his anonymity at the time of sailing through the network, we offer a very easy idea to him. It secures to VPN access along with each of our plans of hosting shared Web. Enrutaremos the traffic of incoming and salient connections through one of our datacenters VPN, doing its unavailable tracks practically. Equipment can activate the VPN access yet that wishes as long as this it is connected to the network.

Administrator of Domains

Management of numerous domains very simple

Using the Control Panel Of Hosting of , no longer he is needed to handle nothing else that a domain. He can control 1 or 100 domains of the same form simple and easy to use. Also we included some that another useful instrument, which will allow him to park, to redirigir and to protect data WHOIS of its domains or to create customized registries DNS. Having by hand this string of utilities of management of domains reunited in a place one will save long time and persistence.

Remote control MySQL

Connect yourself remotely to his data base.

If it owns a data base that needs to share through numerous websites located in different servers under the control from different suppliers from hosting shared Web, it could take advantage from our Remote MySQL option. With Remote MySQL it will have the capacity to give access to his data base to certain websites that considers of confidence. This access usually is very useful if it is appropriated a data base of clients that wishes to share between several stores in lines.

Scalability of Services

A hosting solution shared Web that is growing with the needs of its site

Our platform of hosting shared Web to size allows the websites to grow whatever as much agrees to them. The scalability is guarantees since of the services several machines take care and not a single. This way, you can use the sum of resources found that agrees to them, being unallocated of inconveniences of loads and heavy practices of maintenance. Also, he has the opportunity to change the level of the plan with which he offers additional services or to happen to a more advanced tariff whenever he creates advisable.

Several Datacenters

Services of hosting Web shared in 3 continents

Our distribution of hosting shared Web sandal 3 continents - North America (the datacenter Steadfast in Chicago, the USA), Europe of the West and Power station (the datacenter Pulsant in Mhelpenhead, the United Kingdom), Northern Europe (the datacenter Ficolo in Pori, Filnadia), East Europe (the datacenter Telepoint in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Australia (the datacenter Amaze in Sidney). This means that, without concerning the place where really she lives, you will decide on that one being the datacenters that are more near their visitors puts. Therefore, it will guarantee the speeds to them of load with the greater possible rapidity. It chooses his datacenter just by I key in the discharge page.

Installer of Websites

He starts up his own site with a single I key

Our plans offer an opportunity to him rapid­sima to project a webpage hers own one, still if it does not have technical knowledge some. Thanks to the Installer Web incorporated in the Control Panel Of Hosting of to make its personal or enterprise site is eaten bread €“ simply it selects the class of site that desires to him and the subject of favorite design. We will mount its new site in less than a rooster sings and we will give the details to him of how managing it with a single click of the mouse.

Better Stability and Security of the System

A hosting system Web shared with double surely

  • When storing of programs, email, data bases in a myriad of machines instead of a single, we guaranteed hosting surroundings Web shared for his sites and applications incomparably more trustworthy. Additionally, we diminished the vulnerability of the servers against ciberataques and such of DDos type who normally could ruin the servant in a platform of shared hosting common.

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